Ride Description: This ride will strengthen your legs and core, increase your power output and reduce the chance of injury by strengthening tendons and ligaments. You'll be ready to conquer every climb and flat.

Submitted by Spinning® Instructor Jennifer Ward Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Track Number Song Artist Album Length
1 Swim Madonna Ray of Light (U.S. Version) 5:01
2 The Boys of Summer Don Henley Building the Perfect Beast 4:49
3 Shine Like it Does INXS Listen like Thieves 3:08
4 If you Love Somebody set them Free – 2011 Remix Sting The Vest of 25 Years 4:25
5 Offshore Chicane Far from the Maddening Crowds 6:58
6 Red Rain – Live Peter Gabriel Released The Human Rights Concerts – A Conspiracy of Hope (Live from New Jersey/1986) 5:49
7 Bruised Water 9 Original Radio Edit Chicane, Natasha Bedingfield Bruised Water 2:59
8 The Thunder Rolls – Garth Brooks Forrest Live Forrest Live 3:24
9 Give it 2 Me – Paul Oakenfold Edit Madonna Hard Candy 5:00
10 When we Stand Together Nickelback Here and Now 3:11
11 Better Days The Goo Goo Dolls Greatest Hits Volume One – The Singles 3:33

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