Week of 8/25/2014

Track Number Song Name Artist Purchase Time
1 Teardrop Massive Attack 5:30
2 Jan Wayne Theme Jan Wayne 5:44
3 He's A Pirate Hans Zimmer, Geoff Zanelli 7:02
4 Ready, Steady, Go Oakenfold 4:13
5 Adagio For Strings Tiesto 5:57
6 Spybreak! Propellerheads 4:01
7 Sandstorm Darude 3:45
8 Allegretto Bond 3:53
9 Woke Up This Morning Vinne Paulone & The Ba Da Bing... 3:55
10 Total Eclipse of the Moon Enigma 2:16
11 Euphoria (Firefly) Delerium & Jacqui Hunt 4:33
12 Remembrance Delerium 5:43
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Ride Description: This playlist works best with rides in the Interval Energy Zone™.

Submitted by certified Spinning instructor Melissa Waites, Fayetteville, NC.

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Happy Holidays

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– The Mad Dogg Athletics Team