Week of 5/15/2015

Track Number Song Name Artist Purchase Time
1 The Wire Haim 4:06
2 Love Story (House Remix) Pierre Cardin 5:04
3 Womanizer (House Remix) J Rae 6:27
4 Boys 'Round Here (Remix) Running & Jogging Crew 4:05
5 Now I'm Free (Free Fallin Remix) Power Music Workout 3:02
6 Helen Wheels Paul McCartney & Wings 3:44
7 Shadows Lindsey Stirling 3:43
8 Blurred Lines (Workout Remix) Workout Remix Factory 4:51
9 Sundown (Radio Edit) Chris Lake 3:04
10 Come With Us Lindsey Stirling 3:56
11 On The Floor Jennifer Lopez 4:44
12 Look At That Cadillac Stray Cats 4:02
13 Your Body Is A Wonderland John Mayer 6:04
14 Fever Bette Midler 4:17

Ride Description: This "Happy Butts" Endurance ride was developed for those participants that do not like to stay in the saddle for the entire ride. The music is fun with definite beats. Spinners get out of the saddle occasionally to run or do 10 second jumps. Keeping heartrates around 70%MHR and cadence around 90-95 is easy. The profile I developed is fun and popular.

Submitted by certified Spinning instructor Jo-Anne Mahar, Beverly Hills, Florida

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