Week of 9/15/2014

Track Number Song Name Artist Purchase Time
1 Haunted ft. LO-FI Sugar Paul Van Dyk 5:40
2 Red Rain Peter Gabriel 5:35
3 Busindre Reel Hevia 4:37
4 Don't Lose My Number Phil Collins 4:47
5 Moonlight Sonata (Beethoven) Michiel Van Der Kuy 4:56
6 One Vision Queen 4:01
7 Fairground Simply Red 5:33
8 Siento Spanish Gypsy 3:14
9 Stand Back Stevie Nicks 4:48
10 Horos Tou Zorba (I) / Zorba's Dance Mikis Theodorakis 4:11
11 Suddenly I See KT Tunstall 3:21
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Ride Description: The track Red Rain is ideal for an endurance ride on a flat. The rider is being taken through fast flats and challenging hills. Making it through the last hill and all the way to the top as the rider is being connected to the Greek rhythm-Zorbas Dance.

Submitted by certified Spinning instructor Rayan-Tarik Jalil, Auckland, New Zealand.

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