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10 suggestions that will help beginners

Training that is under control and has its goals is essential for a long term success. But there are many factors that influence the feeling get from the ride. So its good to know how to train in a more safe, fun and effective way.

We can start from the basics, if you are new in a Spinning® class, introduce yourself to Instructor before the training starts. Also don’t be to shy to ask for help with adjusting your bike, your Trainer is prepared for that. Remember to have always a bottle of water, towel and shoes that you don’t use outdoors ( lets help fitness centers to stay clean ).

Of course when you start trainings you probably don’t have any special clothes, shoes or heart rate monitors. But once you decide to train on regular basis, having those few things will help you with achieving your goals. For example working with your heart rate is crucial, as you work directly with your own body. The numbers you see on the watch tell you how hard are you working out and on which source of energy is your body mostly relying.

Having a SPD shoes will increase the amount of muscle fibers you use, you will work more efficient and when you improve your technique- not only pushing the pedal but also pulling up – you get better results! Having a cycling water bottle will help you to drink without interrupting the training session. Clothes you are riding in can also increase satisfaction from the ride, best ones are those that move sweat away from the body. So you have a feeling of riding dry and comfortable. Also cycling shorts are extremely important, as Spinning® is an endurance sport its good if you choose shorts that have a good pad that is comfortable to ride on the saddle.

Above all don’t forget to define your fitness goal- that will definitely help you to train with motivation.


10 suggestions ( not only for beginners):


1.      Bring towel, water bottle specific for cycling

2.      Train with heart rate monitor

3.      Use SPD shoes

4.      Use the clothes that move away your sweat

5.      Define your goals

6.      Don’t be afraid to ask questions

7.      Find a workout buddy – additional motivation

8.      Make sure your bike is properly adjusted

9.      Relax

10.  Enjoy each and every workout






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