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5 Energy Zones - 5 Personalities

When teaching the 5 Energy Zones in the Spinning® Programme, it's more effective if you can adopt a different 'personality' for each Zone.

RECOVERY – Calming, quiet, reflective
Dialogue examples:
•“Close your eyes, breathe through your nose and make the decision now that you are here to bring in energy and restore your body to perfect balance”
•“With each deep breath, see you heart rate drop down as low as possible. How low can you make your heart rate drop right now?”
•“Feel the circle at your feet and make it as smooth as possible”
ENDURANCE – Steady, reliable and fluid
Dialogue examples:
•“Your challenge today is more mental than it is physical”
•“See your heart rate remain consistent with the rhythm of your legs”
•“With each pedal stroke you are bringing energy in”
STRENGTH – Power and passion, but gentle
Dialogue examples:
•“Don’t fight the hill. Work on relaxing and feeling your feet on the pedals”
•The body cannot change on its own. You are responsible to change yourself. Make it a little harder, dig a little deeper”
•“Find the resistance that works for you. Don’t jump ahead. Build your base first and then work from there”
INTERVAL – Using intonation* to raise workloads and encourage recovery
Dialogue examples:
•“Be aware of your intensity and don’t over do it. Pace yourself and push when you know you can remain in control”
•“Your objective today is to discover how rapid your recovery rate is. The faster you come down the better shape you’re in”
•“Take your weaknesses and make them stronger”
RACE DAY – Motivate without defeating, fast – strong - relentless
Dialogue examples:
•“This is the race of truth”
•“You will learn something about yourself today”
•“Your focus is on your strengths not your weaknesses”
•“Anything is possible to a willing mind”

*Intonation - the rise and fall of pitch in your voices - it plays a crucial role in how we express meaning.

Say what you mean, mean what you say!

Yours in Sport,

Michelle Colvin

International Spinning® Master Instructor (UK)




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