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A bird's eye view...from the back of the room.

I have heard rumors of indoor bikes (akin to Spinning bikes) that are linked to the instructor?s bike?so that when s/he turns up the resistance, all the bikes in the class are forced to do this as well. A small (okay, maybe sick, lol) part me loves this idea. Sitting in the back of a class, I look at the people in front of me and sometimes wonder, ?What is going on there?!? From the back of the room you see all sorts of randomness?hyperextended arms (and legs), curved/slouchy spines, and most egregious: those legs spinning out of control. You know there?s no resistance on the bike given how wildly the person is going, and then, when a hill approaches, they add on a teeny tiny bit but they?re still going fast and you know that can?t possibly be a hill. I always feel bad (well, maybe that?s not the right way to put it?more like I can empathize with their possible frustration?) for the instructors who are taking the time to go over how many rotations they should be at, or taking cadence counts. They obviously announce those for a reason---I can?t imagine it?s just to hear themselves talk?but it must be utterly frustrating to have such comments fall onto deaf ears when the intention behind the instruction is to keep students safe and working at the right level. -June



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