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Are Spinning Shoes Different Than Cycling Shoes

No Spinning® class is complete without a reliable pair of cycling shoes, but there is some confusion as to the definition of “cycling shoes” vs “spinning shoes.” Since both terms are commonly used, it’s easy to see why people would wonder about the specific differences. After all, you want to get the most from your indoor cycling experience, and the right pair of shoes can make a monumental difference. So how do you choose the right pair of shoes?

Spinning Shoes vs Cycling Shoes

Cycling shoes come in all styles, shapes and sizes. There are cycling shoes for casual riding, road racing, track racing, winter riding, mountain biking and, of course, indoor cycling. In this respect, all spinning shoes are cycling shoes, but not all cycling shoes are spinning shoes. When shopping for indoor cycling shoes, it’s important to look for those specifically designated for indoor cycling.

Spinning® vs Indoor Cycling

To complicate matters even further, you must consider the difference between “Indoor Cycling” and “Spinning®.” Spinning® is the company that wrote the book on indoor cycling, and although we do have our own line of spin class shoes, they aren’t just for certified Spinning® classes. Our Spinning® shoes will complement most indoor cycling classes, and likewise, you can use other high-quality brands, such as SIDI, on stationary bikes.

The Importance of Cycling Shoes

Cycling shoes are designed with a stiff sole, to allow more of the power generated by the leg to transfer to the bike. Cycling shoes also clip into the pedal, which allows for greater control and greater muscle balance, activating more muscle groups and ultimately ensuring a more effective workout. Cycling shoes should also be highly breathable, and should have a very strong Velcro® system, in order to keep your feet securely in place.

When choosing an indoor cycling shoe, it’s very important to consider the bolt pattern. In order to clip into the Spinner® bikes, you will want to select shoes that are compatible with the pedals. Spinner® bikes, like the majority of popular indoor cycles, are SPD® compatible, which means that they use a 2-bolt cleat. So choose your shoes according to the pedal.

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If you need high quality indoor cycling shoes, look no further than Spinning®. We sell only the most durable and comfortable indoor cycling shoes, provided by only the best brands. Browse our full selection and find the right shoes for you. You won’t be disappointed. Take your physical fitness to radical new heights with Spinning®. 

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