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Coaching Strategy

I had an instructor recently tell me that even though she doesn?t demonstrate things like push-ups on the handlebars, fingertip-only hand positions, and riding with one (or no) hands, some students perform these actions in her classes. It?s difficult to determine exactly why this happens. It can be attributed to previous instruction they (the students) have received or it could be a matter of too little fitness knowledge on the part of the participants. Either way, these contraindications are distracting and inappropriate movements that we never want to see our students engaging in during our classes. The first thing an instructor must do is target a specific action that they want to eliminate in their classes. After that, an instructor must be prepared with an instructional strategy that will satisfy a student?s need to remain active and purposeful. Split-symbols help accomplish both of these goals. When targeting specific incorrect classroom activities, try to reduce the individual amounts of time that students have to engage in them. Split symbols are good for consistent transitions that require students to quickly demonstrate correct form before another change is prompted. They are also good for reducing the amounts of time that students have to seek additional stimulus through less efficient, unsafe, (and often) silly maneuvers.



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