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Day 1 of Biggest Loser Erik Chopin's Spinning 8 Week Weight Loss Program

So today is the first day of my Spinning 8 Week Weight Loss Program. I have to say I am really excited to begin this journey and the timing couldn't be more perfect. First to start a weight loss program in the spring is always so motivational knowing that when the summer comes I'll be ready for the beach! So much better then waking up one morning and saying oh man its too late the Summer is here and this body is not going to the beach to scare innocent children playing in the sand. Secondly my upcoming trip to Miami for the WSSC lines up to the day, the conference starts on June 1st and I'll be ready. Since I will be blogging throughout the 8 weeks, i will use this post to introduce myself and I will also reveal my starting weight and a day 1 photo. A quick bio, I was a contestant on Biggest Loser in 2006 (season 3) at the start of my season I weighed in at 407lbs, the largest contestant of my group. In the end I went on to win the show and gain the title Biggest Loser losing 214lbs more than half my body weight! During my stay on the ranch Bob Harper my trainer also a Spinning Instructor formed a close bond. He introduced me to Spinning classes early on during my weight loss, I can remember taking a class and being 350 lbs and in my mind I had lost lots of weight but I had a long journey ahead of me. It is from these days that I developed a love of Spinning. And to this day I thank Bob for introducing to me the only way I can get my cardio done and truly love it! Unfortunately my maintenance plan fell by the wayside and in 2008 I appeared on Oprah and revealed to the world that I had stumbled terribly and gained almost all the weight back. I stopped going to the gym and taking my Spinning classes and my old habits of eating whatever and whenever I wanted returned. More recently I am pleased to say that I've lost much of the re-gain, but I'm not done. I'm currently at a point where I was looking for a plan of action to lose these last 20-25 lbs. The Spinning 8 Week Weight Loss Program totally was the answer to my prayers. An exercise program built around my favorite calorie burner, Spinning. In fact to kick things off today I headed out to my gym, Fitness Incentive and did a 5:10am ride and it was awesome nothing like starting the day off on the right foot and an unbelievable sweat. When you have a perfect start in my experience you end up having the perfect day! And as of 8pm EST its been all good! So as I said I weighed myself this morning and got my starting weight 257lbs. I found another reason that this so important for me and so many others. If we are not weighing ourselves we tend to be as bit generous and by generous I mean we assume our weight to be lower than the actual. So in my case I hadn't weighed in a few weeks and I figured ahhh I'm about 245 well 257 is kind of different 12lbs was a lot to swallow (no pun intended). I did reality television and reality and honesty in my opinion are always key to a healthy start and successful journey. I am so excited to continue this journey and I hope many of you are on it with me! Please check in on my blog frequently because I plan on making updates on my progress every step of the way and don't worry I'll tell it like it is, good or bad. Our Success is always attainable its up to us to make it happen and I want this do you? Stay tuned! And Enjoy the Ride! Erik



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