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DCAC Fitness Convention 2013 - A Spinning® perspective

DCAC, now in its 22nd year, has come and gone so quickly!  When it began, the focus was strictly about offering “aerobics” classes and workshops. Did you know DCAC stands for Washington DC Aerobics Convention?  With the evolution of the fitness industry over the years, “aerobics” has become “Group Fitness”.  DCAC conferences have evolved too and are now known as DCAC Fitness Education Conferences. This allows for more broad-spectrum programming and workshops to be offered each year. (


This year, I attended on a bit of a whim because there were some Group Fitness Sessions on Friday that relate to my current job, but I was also excited to take another Spinning® workshop.  Why, you ask? Didn’t I just spend a weekend in Miami fully immersed in Spinning® workshops? Yes, I did! But, each conference is unique and there is ALWAYS something to learn. I also knew some of the friends and instructors I have met in previous workshops would be in attendance, and who doesn’t love a reunion? Not to mention the CEC’s.


As I wrote in previous blogs, networking is important all the time, but especially when getting accustomed as a new instructor! These fitness conferences are amazing ways to do so while furthering your knowledge, meeting new friends from all over the world, continuing to carve your own path as an instructor.


I walked into the room for the ride called HillSeekers, presented by Australian MI Natashia Iacovelli. There were about 35 bikes and I was early, so only a small handful of people were there. I set up my bike and got my shoes and jersey ready to put on, then walked outside to refill my water bottle. As I walked back in, people were arriving and there was a buzz in the air. If you’ve never been to a Master’s Ride, it is something not to be missed. You will undeniably feel the energy in the room and the notion to “work harder” taps you on the shoulder, as you know people who feel the same way surround you. She started the ride and there was a bit of a hiccup as the lights couldn’t be adjusted properly, but it was only a small distraction and we were able to focus on the beautiful images and the story she was unfolding to us about her six-day outdoor hill training rides. We climbed over and over again; some were steep, long, hard climbs. She helped us find the ease and the serenity in all of them, which gave everyone the confidence and grit to go for it each time. We did this for an hour to the words and beautiful visuals set before us. Crossing the finish line, smiles flashed upon everyone’s faces.  I looked to my right and saw I was riding next to a brand new Spinning® Instructor, who JUST took the Orientation Workshop on the previous day. To my left was a guy who has instructed for many years and is also a triathlete. The Spinning® community is so vast and awesome! We have exceptional resources to tap into to become better instructors if we just look around. In short, I highly recommend attending any of the fitness conferences! It is something you will never regret.




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