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Did you do your safety check?

Ever seen somebody riding the Spinner® bike and losing control of his pedals? May be it even happened to yourself. What should you do?

Yes, indeed, hit the emergency break that is on your bike.

If you answered the above question correctly, you probably have had some good instructions from your Spinning® coach.  A safety  check is essential before riding the bike.

Below you will find the most important check points.

 Maybe you would not think of it, but clothing plays an important role as. Using cycling shorts will make you feel more comfortable in riding in the saddle for longer periods. Wearing long jazz pants should be avoided, as the wide legs can become entangled with the cranks. This actually happened to me a long time ago, and I must say.. it hurted. My Achilles did not like it ;)

Further it is best to wear shirts of absorbent material. Cotton will get soaked wet and very cold on your muscles, especially when you have a nice air conditioning in the room.

Last but not least your shoes.. of course cycling shoes are ideal, because of the sturdy soles. If you wear other shoes, like running shoes or aerobic shoes, make sure the shoe laces are tucked away, so they will not get entangled with the cranks.

Water bottle filled with water or another sports drink. No carbonated beverages, as it will produce gasses during your work out. A dry towel on the back of your saddle to wipe the sweat.


Start with a correct set up of the bike. If you are not set up in the right way you might end up with some serious injuries. If you are seated too low for example, your knee joints will be put under high pressure and if seated too high your knee ligaments will be stretched out too far. So make sure you are being guided by your Spinning® coach. And remember my previous blog: don’t be afraid to feel free to ask questions!


Know your bike. Not every bike is the same. Check how the resistance knob works and find the emergency break. In some bikes you have to push the resistance knob in others you have to pull. It is nice to know what you should do in case your feet get out of the pedals…


Now you are ready to ride! Have fun!


Have a great weekend J






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