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ECA Thrive Fitness Conference

Thank you to all the participants, staff, vendors and
presenters for an AWESOME weekend!  I met
people from all over the United States, South America and Israel! The passion we all shared for fitness and
education was remarkable and empowering! It seems no matter where you live, people find the human connection the biggest motivator for learning and getting fit. Text books are great, but there is nothing like a room full of Group Ex Instructors and Personal Trainers to really blow the lid off of what’s hot and what’s making a difference in getting people fit and healthy!

 Group fitness and small group training are truly the sustaining modalities for large and small fitness facilities across the country. Class formats are keeping right up with the times with H.I.T. training, dance fitness and focus classes for seniors. 

In the Spinning workshops we broke down different types of H.I.T. classes’ that can be done on and off the bike.  We had workshops on interval training and race days.

My favorite workshop was “Functional Training for Seniors”.  It was great to have so many people on Sunday morning who are truly passionate about working with an older population and know the personal rewards of spending some gym time with these people.  We are currently updating the In Home Study “Spinning and Seniors” and it should be ready by the first of the year.  Many items I covered in this workshop are presented in detail in this home study guide. 

So, if you were unable to join us at ECA this year, I hope you will consider expanding your fitness knowledge with one of the many informative In Home Study Courses……and next June come on out for WSSC  and make the human connection! I would love to see you’ all again soon!  Thank you for making the weekend so special!





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