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Every song tells a Story

Following on from my previous Blog Post BPM vs RPM, here are things to think about when putting music to your profiles...

100% of what we put together has to serve the ride first.

It has to serve the ride, enhance it, and make it work right.

When you’re putting music together, you’re responding to a story, a journey.

That’s the main difference. It’s not verse, chorus, verse, chorus.

It’s not structured like a 2 or 3 minute little slice of life; it can happen over time.

You’re not thinking you’ve got to be getting to a point, reaching a climax, and then ending. There may be many, many climaxes to the ride.

Consider what sort of effect you want to create with the piece of music you’re using.

It’s close to creating soundscapes, using electronic dance for example, you’re going to be ebbing and flowing.

Music can wreck a ride or enhance it.

Music can provide the mood or momentum to a ride that is lacking in its visual presentation.

Music can give you moments where it is saying so much that you don’t have to say anything.

It is important to recognise the fact that your job is not to impose your will on the ride but to let the ride ''speak'' to you and in ''listening'' to the ride you should be in a receptive mood to enable you to determine its musical needs.

Focus on the sort of music you want to use, instrumentation and effects, and idea development.

Know the sort of music that you want to use. This does not only mean understanding the genre, but also the different musical forms in that genre. Understanding the type of music you want is a very basic and important part of putting music together for your rides, so make certain you have done adequate research.

Research a musical form, if need be. If you are a little hazy on the type music you want to use, then consider listening to samples of the music. Download MP3 versions of the song or musical piece.

Understand instrumentation and experiment to see what works best to get the effect that you want.

Use unusual instruments to create memorable effects.

Open your ears to music. Listen to new Genres rather than sticking to the usual Dance, Trance, Drum & Bass etc. There are actually over 500 different music Genres.

Happy listening!

Michelle Colvin

International Spinning® Master Instructor (UK)




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