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Expect the unexpected

Monday morning. Here I am, in my hotel room in beautiful St. Petersburg, Russia. Looking back to a very special weekend.

Checked in on Saturday, looking forward to spread the virus we call Spinning® in the continuing education Race Day EZ™ and a ride in the 3 hour marathon.

As I am supposed to I was prepared very well. Knowledge of the material, brought my laptop for Power point presentation, cd’s plus I phone with my music on it. Great!

But then on Sunday morning I entered the event room. Wow!  The building was very impressive, kind of a big sports arena. Within this arena there were about 3 stages, some booths and of course a cool Spinning® corner.

Loud music (coming from the 3 stages), presenters using their head set and enthusiast moving participants were everywhere.

Oops.. no lecture room, no beamer, no chairs..only Russian and no English, no way I can get them to focus…

These were my thoughts for one split second. But then I had to think about the topic I talk about in all of my Spinning® clinics: expect the unexpected!

No stress, no worries. Just clear your mind and start over. It is what it is, and it is up to you to make it succeed. Cool! I like challenges.

We ended up sitting on the bikes, not using the Power Point presentation, just using the handout. My funny Russian translator and I were able to create a nice atmosphere during the lecture, using hand and feet to communicate.  And while riding the Race Day EZ™ ride all distraction was gone because of an intense focus of every participant. Amazing to see how we all speak the same language when it comes down to Spinning®.

Just know that something like this will happen to every instructor some day, or maybe again and again. Always know that it is up to you to make it succeed. Just believe in yourself and your professionalism. And last but not least: stay positive! Negativity is a waste of your energy.

I a few hours I will fly back home.  Looking forward to my next challenge!







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