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This was my first year presenting at EMPOWER and I felt so much at home!  Oddly enough, I was close to home as it is one of the few conferences we present in the Midwest.  So, my MinneSOHtah accent wasn't even noticed:)

In all seriousness - I felt at home truly because of the amazing people that attend this conference.  They arrived eager to learn and were open-minded to all that was available to them in a few short days. 

My favorite workshop is noted in the photo below: Mat and Tower Flow had to have been my favorite to present - not because of content but, because of the attendees.  They came in with great questions and I could tell, really took something home that they could use immediately.  As much as we love those workouts to challenge our mind and muscle...Hands on Learning is really what it is all about!

Can't wait for next year!





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