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Finding Credible Information

Often we get questions from our students that we just don?t know the answer to and have to do some research. But do you know if your research is accurate? Is it a trusted source? Can you be sure that you are giving information to your students that you know is valid and not just a personal opinion on a blog or discussion forum? So how do you know that what you research is based in science and not in fiction? And where do you go to find the information? The internet is full of information. Just because you can find something on the internet or in some cases even printed in a book does not make it true. The highest standard for information is peer-reviewed journals. Peer-reviewed journals publish studies that are critiqued and reviewed by other scientists that try to replicate the findings published by the original authors. These are considered the highest standard of information. Consider getting your information from such journals as Sports Medicine, Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise, Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research and many others. Most of these journals operate under a subscription basis or charge per individual article. Check with your local library to see if they have some of the journals in print or at least allow you to access them electronically. There are several websites that allow publish studies, but you need to be careful and determine if they have been peer-reviewed. Remember, you need to provide accurate information to your students, not just an article you read in tabloids while waiting in line at your local grocery store. blog by Ralph Mlady for 4/6/2011



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