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Flu Season Precautions

We hear it everyday; a flu epidemic has hit the country more than ever before.  So, does that mean we should stay home and be non-exposed to the world?  Realistically speaking, we have to leave our homes and surround ourselves with people who may have the virus or may just have an acute cold.  Either way, take the following precautions to decrease your risk of catching the virus in Spin Classes:

1) Go to class well hydrated.  When your body is well hydrated, it has the ability to produce the necessary transporting mucous to keep debrit out of the nose, lungs and throat thereby keeping the virus out of you. 

2) Wipe your bike down thoroughly. Giving the person before you the benefit of the doubt, it may be true that they cleaned up their sweat after using the bike.  Besides, that is proper Spin ettiquette.  But you know what Grandma says, an ounce of precaution is a pound of cure. 

3) Keep your body's immune system strong through eating enough protein each day.  My recommendation is to consume grams of protein that equal the pounds of lean mass you have.  So, get your body composition tested soon and find out how much muscle vs. fat your body has and then split that number into 5, for 5 meals a day.  I discuss this and other viable tips in my book, Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools.  (don't be scared by the title.  It;s an excellent workbook).

4) Take your vitamins.  Many people ask me which are best.  I find that vitamin C is king, the wellness formula from Whole Foods, a multi vitamin, fish oil, glutathione.  Start basic. If you can even take a good antioxidant, then do it.  If symptoms come on, start taking Zicam every 3 hours.  That stuff works wonders.

5) Make sure you are getting your REST each night.  Everyone needs 7 hours a night minimum.  That is, of good rest!  So, clear your mind before bed time, get a massage, take a warm bath...Just get that rest in because an unrested body is a vulnerable body.

6) Cut back on High Glycemic carbs.  Viruses brew on sugar.  Keep your body's glucose and insulin levels low by following more of a low glycemic nutrition plan.  Again, this is all in Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools.

So there are some tips that when follwed can be very helpful for keeping your body strong.  So, take care of your body and treat it like a temple!




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