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Got stuck in profile habits?

For those of you who have been teaching Spinning® for a while now.. did you get stuck in certain teaching habits? Not sure what I mean, but interested? Please read on..

Now take a look at the 5 latest rides your created. To be more specific, the 5 last Interval Energy Zone™ rides you made.

What kind of interval were they? Extensive interval, intensive interval training, all terrain rides, aerobic, anaerobic? All 5 different rides, or all 5 pretty similar, but with different music?

Many times I see that instructor get crusted in old habits. They have found a specific way of building their classes in all of the Energy Zones, using the same kind of  music. As they keep teaching these classes, they get more comfortable in teaching this profile. As a result the participants get used to this as well and they know what they can expect. Sounds ok you might think.

However, building similar profiles every time does not really help your participants reach their goals and improve their fitness levels. As adaptation of the body occurs. The effect of the training will become less if your students have the same workout every time they ride the Spinner® bike.

By offering different profiles to them, their bodies will learn to train in several areas. Further it will not only keep THEM focused and sharp, it will do the same for YOU. As you break away from doing the same old story over and over again.

I would love to share a little example of a class I taught last week. It was an Interval training and as I took over this class from one of my colleagues the participants did not know what to expect. I created an extensive interval training using the flats only. Seated flat and running. When I first started the class I explained what they could expect. While looking around I noticed that some of them were not certain whether they would like it or not. After 20 minutes their focus had grown so intense that you could hear a pin drop (if I would switch off the music). At the end of the class the energy level was so high and every single person on the bike had given everything they got without losing any of the focus. They loved it and both them and I were so proud at their effort.

Take time to think about a new ride, what will be your goals, do you know any of your students goals? As you start creating a nice fresh profile you will grow as an instructor and you will be inspired to use your creativity for more new rides. Just step out of your box and don’t be afraid to feel free!


Have a great Sunday!








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