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Home Gym Wins

I love my home gym. It is small, but I have what I need: dumb bells, tubing, foam roller, Resist-a-ball®, Bodyblade® a treadmill and of course a Spinning® bike.  It has been raining like cats and dogs lately and I do not even want to drive to the gym, let alone get on my road bike for a miserable ride in the cold and wind. Today I had a great 40 minute ride with some hills and a few sprints followed by 40 minutes walking hills on the treadmill. It was such a relief to get nearly 90 minutes of cardio in on a day that I otherwise might have sat around working on my computer.

I have always heard that people buy exercise equipment for their homes and end up hanging laundry on it. I will not lie and say I never do that, because I do. But, I also break a sweat on my equipment weekly and I have for over a decade.

With Christmas nearing, consider getting yourself a present and investing in one of the excellent pieces of equipment from our website. I have had my Spinner bike for 12 years, my Resist-a-ball for 8 years and my Bodyblades for 3 years.  The quality is outstanding and I have always been glad I made the investments. Having home equipment means there is never an excuse not to get in at least a short workout even on the busiest day and it is nice not to have to think about packing the gym bag and driving across town to get there.




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