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DCAC Fitness Conference was to be my first ever US trade show that I would present at outside of the WSSC nook. I was very excited and honored to be selected to represent MDA and the MI team along with my legendary colleagues Josh Taylor and Meg McNeely.


Our little Spinning® zone was one of many others on the Hyatt Regency second floor. At first it was a little weird to have just one room and a corner of the floor for our room and MDA merchandise. But before long many familiar faces started to surface and it felt more like a family reunion with a select few than a fitness show. Which once again highlighted that no matter where we go – we are home when our kindred spirits unite.


Meg and I opened the weekend with a Spinning Instructor Training with an intimate crew of 52 attendees!!! I absolutely loved sharing the day with Meg. A woman who is not only fiercely energetic, intelligent and crazy funny she has a wonderful dynamic presence about her. There were times I forgot I was there to co-lead the training and was engaged in listening to her stories and delivery.


I believe that even as an MI my learning never stops and although I know I was there to educate others I was the one being educated. The group was great and although we were a little challenged with our environment and space they were a fabulous group of people.


They were a tough crowd and didn’t really seem to be digging my Aussie humor. Luckily by the end of the day I was getting a few smiles and some laughs for my bad jokes ( thank the heavens). I managed to wear them down by the final ride but it was most likely Meg’s never ending smile that did it though.


At the end of Day 1 there was Josh’s Fighter Pilot ride. Despite my training day fatigue, I jumped at the chance to grab a spare bike. Although half way through I questioned what the heck I was thinking. My dear old friend JT was definitely testing my energy levels and commitment. We were attacking, flying, landing, running and jumping and blowing each other up. Phew!!!! Was great fun to be a student again and get lost in the process.


Unfortunately  I may have pushed my intensity a little too much on Day 1 because by Day 2 I started to feel like I was coming down with more than just pre-session butterflies. I had been planning my sessions all year and to wake up to what felt like the start of a very nasty flu I went straight into warrior mode! I had a job to get done and come hell or high water that’s what I was to do.  At least that was what my head was telling my body. However they were in definite disagreement.


Meg and I essentially did a little baton exchange all weekend. When she was on I was off and visa versa. So we spent the day tag teaming and although I was really keen on sitting in on her fabulous line up of sessions I found myself running for the bed covers in between my sessions to try and salvage what energy I had left before the next time slot. I was so upset to miss out on her info as they had fabulous content that I was really looking forward too.


But it was not all tissues and asprin. Aside from me feeling like I was on the verge of pneumonia I absolutely LOVED the people that turned up to our intimate Spinning room. There were lots of familiar faces and reminds me that no matter where we travel in the world that our Spinning home is wherever we congregate. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories of teaching, training and turning their own life obstacles into their strengths. It was a real joy.


So for me Day 2 went great – Hill Seekers in the morning and Warriors Within in the afternoon. It was a big day of climbing and our riders were digging really deep. Unfortunately though it was the beginning of the end for me. By Friday night I was searching nearby shops for whatever medicinal products I could find to fight off the beginning of a chest infection. In my attempt to cure myself I took tablets that kept me awake all night and was definitely not the restful slumber I was looking for with three sessions on Saturday waiting for me.


But 5.30am I dragged my very weary self out of bed and tried to find and Ironman in the shower to take into the 7am ride. I think I found remnants of one and I hope that although I was sounding more like and Ironman instead of an Ironwoman I gave the best ride I could. 90 minutes of an Energy Zone Sampler ride. The only consolation at least was as usual with these types of events by Saturday everybody is starting to fade pretty fast – so I wasn’t alone in feeling a little frazzled. They also had too many rides in their legs and too many hours in the saddle. So I guess we all had our own share of fatigue-demons we were each dealing with.



But the show must go on!!!! So we took in our electrolytes – we fed our starving cells and pushed on. I was definitely now doing switches between the bike and bed for the rest of Saturday. It involved – teach, shower, eat, nap repeat x 3. By the time I got to the last session of the day I was running on empty. Thank the heavens it was an Endurance sampler ride and I was very glad I hadn’t chosen a Race Day session!!! Once again the attendees were awesome. Wonderful people, always smiling and so very receptive to the information and content. They also laughed loudly at my jokes!!!! What more could I ask for? 


But for me Day 3 tipped my feeble body over the edge. You would think a Saturday night for a travelling Aussie would be super fun and exciting. Maybe out dining in one of the great restaurants or hanging out with the MDA crew at the Saturday night function? Sadly though if you ask my roommate Meg – my night was far from that. Breathing became arduous and a fever that sent me from scorching hot to freezing cold. It was with a heavy heart and thundering cough that I needed to call the boys from MDA on Sunday morning to tell them I was unable to present my last session on Sunday morning. Luckily Meg (legendary woman who saved me) was able to give the group a supplementary session whilst I spend the next 7 hours in bed wishing for my mums hugs and chicken soup.

So that was the very unexciting end to my weekend. I dragged myself to the airport on Sunday night and have been licking my wounds ever since. 7 days later I am still negotiating between my bed and the couch and this crazy flu has wiped me out for the week.


However now the flu is finally easing off I am so happy that I was able to meet more of our Spinning peeps and spread the love which was just as much fun as ever. By some reports I think I may have also spread my flu as well...Eeeek SORRY!!!! 


Hopefully by the time I am due in LA next month I will have strengthened my immune system and I will come back with a vengeance full of Aussie P-Zazz and passion for the West Coasters.


Until then can somebody please pass me another tissue? 





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