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How to Choose Shoes for Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling is more than just a workout. It’s also a lifestyle, and if you have spent any time in a certified Spinning® or other cycling class, you know that indoor cycling has a language and culture all its own. Indoor cyclists can even be distinguished by the shoes that they wear, but cycling shoes aren’t just some trend among Spinning® enthusiasts. They also serve an important and practical purpose, and if you want to get involved with indoor cycling, you should start by finding a great pair of cycling shoes for a spin class.

Why Indoor Cycling Shoes are Important

Indoor cycling shoes are specially fitted to clip into the pedals of a bicycle. This allows the feet to remain firmly affixed to the pedal, and ultimately works more muscle groups and ensures greater control. A good pair of cycling shoes is also breathable, allowing air to circulate to your feet as you work out. Standard street shoes are simply insufficient to provide you with the necessary control and comfort.

Choosing the Right Shoes for Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling shoes—like any shoes—come in all shapes and sizes. Aside from the obvious factors, like knowing your size and color preferences, there are some specific things to look out for when shopping for cycling shoes. First, what kind of pedals does the bike feature? The majority of indoor cycles, including Spinner® bikes, feature Shimano Pedaling Dynamics (SPD) designs. If your cycle features an SPD design, then you will need to invest in a pair of SPD compatible shoes. Otherwise, find out the pedal design of your bicycle and purchase shoes accordingly.

Additionally, you will want to find shoes with strong Velcro straps, to prevent slipping, and to aid the upward movement of the pedal stroke. Breathability is another key factor to look out for, and you will also want to pay attention to the sole. A stiff sole is essential, as it allows a greater transfer of power between the leg and the bike.

Find the Perfect Indoor Cycling Shoes Today

If you need a good pair of cycling shoes, check out our full selection at Spinning®. We sell only top quality cycling shoes from the best brands, guaranteed to take your cycling results to the next level. We have shoes for men and women, compatible with almost all indoor cycles. Check them out for yourself and experience the Spinning® difference. 

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