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I'm half way now and "I don't have to", "I want to!"

I just completed week 4 of the Spinning 8-Week Weight Loss Program and its official I just passed half-way point. It's important to remind myself that yes this is the mid point of this program but by definition this program defines a lifestyle. By following the 8WWL we are introduced to a viable and realistic way to live. I am excited that I have chose Spinning as my main stay for exercise and cardio this coupled with sound nutrition will allow me to live a healthy lifestyle that I can be proud of and all the while I'm still having fun. These last few weeks I've been focused on attending different spinning classes as opposed to my usual picks. in the process, I've met some new instructors and mixed in some of the other energy zones. Getting a full sample of all the classes that are available reminded me of an advanced class that I used to hit each and every week when I was trying to lose all those pounds...The Trek! It's a a 1 hour and 15 minute ride and it's super intense. A few years ago my training days were geared strictly towards winning The Biggest Loser and this class became more of a "have to" and I really didn't know what it meant to have fun during a spin class. This attitude was much like my eating at that time I didn't enjoy the meals they were just right calorically and taste was not significant to me. For the last 3 weeks I am so proud to say that I'm back at The Trek. By consistently attending several spin classes per week i felt like my fitness level was ready for some tough classes. The Trek is on Wednesday mornings and i did it again today and it occurred to me just this morning I have so much fun at this class and I so look forward to it. This completely confirms my firm belief that we have to have fun with our exercise and when we discover that, living this fit lifestyle can be a breeze. I rode for 32 miles in 75 minutes and burned over 1000 calories, and I'm not lying I had fun! It wasn't a "I have to" it was a "I want to" such a good feeling! Exposing myself to different class times like doing the Tues am versus the Tues evening wasn't just to mix it up, real life always plays a vital role. My daughter's Softball team started an I'm an assistant coach. Practices and evening games threw a big monkey wrench into my fitness routine. Finding an alternative class at a time that works when your schedule throws you a curve ball is just is a common situation that we all face. In the past I would grab the schedule change as an excuse and say to myself I can't. For that matter I've in the past been known to bail on a class just because I can't find a parking space, so lets face it, it didn't take much for me to find the distraction that "excused" me from exercise. I realize now, that there is always a way and that these excuses were starting to pile up mostly around my waist. I currently coach people with the mental struggle that many of us face in becoming fit. Every time a client tells me they couldn't make time for their exercise we go through their day, step by step and 98% of the time a positive adjustment could have been made. By not cheating yourself out of a work out, we experience such a strong sense of accomplishment. Being tenacious with our plans as opposed to living in the guilty thought, "I think this is a real excuse but i know it's not" can take a so-so day and make it the best day of the week, for some reason other things just start to fall in place. Half way also reminds me the World Spinning & Sports Conference is just a month away. I was speaking of class choices earlier in this blog WSSC is the ultimate smorgasbord of Spinning, Yoga, BodyBlade to mention only a few of the multitude of class types and lectures. I was so pleased to hear the owner of my trainer's gym and his wife, a certified Spinning Instructor, were kicking around the idea of attending WSSC and when mentioned I was attending, they were so inspired they registered right then for WSSC11. Can't wait to see you all in Miami!



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