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Importance of Hand Position in Indoor Cycling

There is a great deal of confusion about the proper posture and positioning when it comes to indoor cycling. While it’s true that poor positioning can have negative long-term health effects, it is very easy to maintain a healthy cycling posture with just a few very simple tips. If you are already a seasoned cyclist, or a beginner who is just trying to learn the basics, you can improve your ride simply by making some basic adjustments.

Warming Up

When warming up and cooling down, try to rest your hands lightly on the center of the bars. Your hands should just touch one another, and you should maintain relaxed shoulders and bent elbows. Additionally, keep your spine straight at all times. This is the most important consideration of all. Poor spine adjustment can lead to a wealth of long term problems.

After the Warm-Up

For the bulk of your ride, you will want to widen your grip, and keep your hands positioned on the straight part of the bars, as though you were riding a mountain bike. Keep your shoulders relaxed, bend your elbows downward a bit more, and keep your spine straight. Try not to bend your wrists too much. If you feel awkward or uncomfortable at any point, check the positioning of your saddle and handlebars.

Additional Safety Measures

Truth be told, hand positioning is a very small piece of the overall safety puzzle. Your back posture should be your first consideration, and you should also remember to keep your feet firmly affixed to the pedals. A good pair of spin bike shoes can help tremendously in this respect. But when it comes to the position of your hands, remember that these are just general guidelines. If you decide to narrow or widen your grip for comfort at any point, it will not make or break your ride, so don’t sweat the small details. Be comfortable, be safe, and most importantly, have fun!

Get Involved

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