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Less is More

When it comes to endurance training, it has long been known that the quicker the heart recovers, the more fit the athlete.  In my previous post “Go Slower- Arrive Sooner” I discussed a morning heart rate drill designed to indicate whether our bodies should train hard or stay home on any given day.

In this post I’ll identify some additional training drills to assist in monitoring responses to training.

Post Training Session Recovery Drill: At the end of your training session note your heart rate, slow pedaling and reduce resistance to begin recovery. Recover for 2 minutes. Note your recovery heart rate. First HR – second HR = Recovery HR.  More is better!

Interval Heart Rate Recovery Drills: a quick review of drill combinations (for more in-depth information take an Interval Energy Zone Workshop or review this article Training Tips: Interval Energy Zone™)

The higher the intensity, the longer the recovery/the lower the intensity, the shorter the recovery.

Rest periods are determined by the amount of time it takes to return your heart rate to 65% of APMHR (Age Predicted Max Heart Rate).

High Intensity Recovery Drill: After a thorough warm-up bring your heart rate up into the anaerobic range (85% of APMHR) ride here for 5 continuous minutes then reduce cadence and resistance and time how long it takes to recover to 65% of APMHR.  The shorter the time the more ready your body is to train at this level. 

And if you really want to take your training to the next level continue to monitor your heart rate but add power - checkout the SPINPOWER™ PROGRAM and get on a Spinner® Blade ION to experience the ride of your life…

And remember “The athlete, who pushes the biggest gear the fastest, at the lowest heart rate, wins the race….”




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