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Measure or estimate?

Sparked by an article in The Wall Street Journal written by Matthew Futterman, 'The Measure of an Olympian', I decided to research different fitness tracking devices. The Fitbit Flex was the device worn by the three Olympians, and the common thread was how many calories were expended at the end of the day based on activity.

After going to the Fitbit, Nike Fuel Band, and Jawbone sites, I had had enough of reading the words 'estimate and guess' over and over. Would you buy a scale that estimates your weight? I want a scale that measures, this is not a guessing game. You can only change what you can measure. While reading responses from the help sites of these products regarding cycling and indoor cycling, the ultimate answer was, when riding a bike, the only way to calculate energy out was to utilize a power meter.

To quote directly from the Spinpower manual, written by Angie Sturtevant, "For Spinning students, the actual mechanical energy expended on the Spinner can be accurately measured in kilojoules, since the power meter measures the wattage generated. For this reason, Spinning participants can now truthfully measure energy out based on kilojoules, and incorporate energy in based on food calories." Notice how many times the word 'measure' is used. Estimates or guesses are not a part of the equation. The Spinner Blade Ion is the only bike in the indoor fitness cycling arena that accurately measures power. As a Spinning enthusiast, or instructor, strive to keep up with new advances in technology and recommend upgrading your fleet to the new Spinner Blade Ion. No estimating device needed, leave your bracelets at home, and know the truth.




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