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One Thousand Elevator Pitches

You've surely heard about what an "elevator pitch" is, right? It would be that short opportunity to get out something you want to get out to someone. . . like when someone says on the elevator "so...what do you do?" and you have until the door opens again to spit it out. Well, lest you all think that we're all about perfection, I want to expose a tremendous rookie mistake I made last night. It's risky because I'm not really seeking feedback. I know my trespass. I mostly want to plop it out there for you to chew on, because it is totally avoidable and I expect better of myself. Last night I was teaching my regular Wednesday night class at the big new gym in town. I teach at 5pm and again at 6 (that's my choice because I would prefer to only go there once in a week, than twice for two classes.) Well, the previous week I didn't show but had a sub because of my accident and that sub. . . well, let's just say that he hasn't had the education opportunities I've had. So, no one showed up for that 5pm class . . . except a new woman. And who was that new woman? One of the teachers of my children. . . and she had only done spinning once. . . and she was about 10 minutes late. It's not like I could have left the gym because of my 6pm class, so I said, "sure! let's do it...." and I fit her to her bike and explained that I still had to end the class on time so the next participants could come in. I got her warming up and she kept engaging me in conversation about everything - the news, community goings on, school, my kids.... It would have been a wonderful conversation if we were at a coffee shop, but I wanted her to leave having experienced some Spinning® so I said I was changing my "hat" and we got down to business and this crazy, jabbering fidgitiy hub came out of me - I can't explain it. I wanted to tackle everything right then and there, lest she engage me in more conversation - which would have been very pleasureful and distracting....but I was on the clock and was conscious of getting in at least a few technique cues while I had her ear. Like the chipmunks on helium...on fast forward....within about 20 or 25 minutes I got out soooooo much - feet, hands, hand positions, breath, cadence, heart rate, resistance, perception, blah blah On retrospect, I 'm shocked. I don't know what happened to my usual good sense. It felt like a race to get words out so she wouldn't start engaging me in more conversation - filling in any quiet time to explore and just ride. jabberty jabberty jabberty... so not like me and frought with problems. The only saving grace that I can pluck out of the situation is that it was maybe a pleasant enough experience for her first time out that maybe she'll return . . . and then get a dose of a better class. I'll cling to that hope anyway. You don't need to respond or flog me with a sweaty towel. This was a lapse . . . and I wanted to share it with you, humbly. There must be better ways to deal with a one on one. This was not it.



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