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All of my preschool students receive occupation therapy as an added service each week. It is fully incorporated into my classroom and we have an OT clinic on campus that has a wealth of materials. As I learn more about the OT needs of my kids, I think about the skills needed to be a good Spinning student and possible ways of assisting those who are still emerging with their understanding of the program. When WSSC is over, I?ll inevitably read a comment from someone who does not understand why a presenter didn?t stop certain students from pedaling too fast, jumping too quickly, or using incorrect hand positions. My answers to these types of questions are always the same. If the presenter was demonstrating proper alignment, hand positions, riding form, and cadence, while playing music with a moderate tempo, then they were doing all they could to instruct the guidelines of the program. I firmly believe that many people have delayed visual motor skills in certain areas. One of the most important aspects of teaching a class is the demonstration of appropriate skills. Everyone attending our classes will process those skills at a different rate. Some will do it immediately, and some will take much more time. Visual Motor Skills: The ability to visually take in information, process it, and be able to coordinate your physical movement in relation to what has been viewed.



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