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Road to Worlds Most Famous Brevet Race Paris-Brest (1230km)-Part 8

Kostas final words were <<I will be here for you as long it takes for you…>>…
That’s how our last Blog ended…

After all 625km losing my shift gears and had return in the night 15 km and go to Brest check to see if my gears could be fixed.

And knowing that my best friend was waiting for me and depended from my time.

After 30 minutes I was there Brest check. All the technicians around my bike trying to resolve this strange case. The cable was stuck and the bike wanted to cooperate .
I was watching them really trouble and disappointed. I even called my girlfriend in Greece and I was telling her that this was my end. The hours were passing and were doing their best. As they time passed I was becoming more and more anxious and nervous. I was thinking mostly my friend that he was depending from my come back.
And after 3.30 hours comes the solution, the bike is ok! Really hard job as they said but they wouldn’t allow such a failure to stop a young man dream .

I was back on my saddle 01.00 at midnight after another long delay and plan disaster
doing my best for both of us. I cannot describe Kostas face when he saw me coming in the night! Like you see someone resurrecting and you could not believe it!
We were 4.00 hours out of schedule ,in the midnight, exhausted and had to face the worst mountain of the race!

That was a challenge! Believe me I recall these moments and emotions and tears are coming from my eyes. Cold and sleepy trying to keep our eyes open. Singing and cheering in middle of nowhere! Maybe you won’t believe but at one time I am sure I could see trees running along with me in the race! Ghost riders cycling among me and Kostas. Things were becoming really scary! So we decided to stop with Kostas for a 10 minute nap and brain relief as we called it !

We found a place we could have around us the bikes and tried to sleep for a while.
AT the time we felt like sleeping a car stops and reporters started filming us and asking questions! Unbelievable really!

Then we decided to do our best to reach
Carhaix check and see what we will do.
Believe the most difficult 50 km of my life. So tired and sleepy! Losing orientation and
falling seeing illusions! And around 3.00-4.00 in the midnight we were finally there!
Carhaix Check Point! Take the stab and making a new strategy plan for the rest almost 500km!

The truth was that I was more experienced and couldn’t think clearly than Kostas!
He was a total mess! At a point we were really arguing and couldn’t find a common point.
It was tiredness, sleepiness, egoism no one really knew what was about.
But  I convinced Kostas that we should rest and sleep at least 2-3 hours if we wanted to try
to cycle the rest kilometers at once.

And it was the best decision of the entire race that I took.
After this short nap we were really replenished and full of powers!

Kostas was thanking me and understood that I was so totally right.

Kostas for sure backed me up in all my obstacles but I was the mind the game J

8.00 in the morning Tuesday back in the game !Speeds higher than ever even the really hard Saddle problems as you understand after almost 40 hours of cycling!

We decided that we would try to did the rest 500 kilometers at once and we took the risk! Check by check! Fast rhythm and feeling really good.
Me leading and Kostas drafting! This picture all the way!
We passed over than 1000 cyclists at the first 12 hours! Unbelievable even for us!

We could feel the breeze of the accomplishment. The breeze of the winner!
The breeze of conquering our big dream after so hard effort and sacrifices…

Almost there you could almost touch it…
But I won’t forget check point
Mortagne Au Perche 1061 km.
Midnight again !Exhaustiveness knocking our door!

Most of the cyclists sleeping on the tables ,on the floors and outside was really really cold …
Last strategic plan…Trying to think clearly in the most difficult moment of mind blurriness! Watching people brought by medics in blankets cause the felt in cliffs or hit by cars because the felt asleep out lost their consciousness!

Hard decision! Critical point….
Cold, Exhaustion, Uncomfortable Saddle,200 almost kilometers , Darkness and a really hard forest ahead! What you do???

You will learn in the my next and final Blog of Road to Worlds Most Famous Brevet Race Paris-Brest (1230km)…

MI Evangelos Kastamoulas
Codename:The MileEater




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