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Spinner® Blade ION, the Contest!

There’s nothing like a little friendly competition to get the office excited about testing out the new Spinner® Blade ION  manufactured by Star Trac! The Spinner® Blade ION is the latest model Spinner® bike that is currently in development. One exciting feature of the ION is that it will measure, and also display on a bike-mounted computer screen, a rider’s work or energy expenditure over a given time. This measurement, termed “power,” is a significant training tool for cyclists and more recently, it has grown in popularity within the indoor cycling world. The bike goes along with our new Spinpower™ Program!


In our Venice Headquarters we received 2 bikes to beta test. What other way to get employees to test the bikes than create a competition out of it. Every employee, whether you wanted to be involved or not, was broken up into 5 teams of 6 members each. Each team had to come up with a name and a team Captain. There would be both individual and team contests. The team names were: Dream Team, Mighty Ionistas, Untochables, Slackers and Power Outtages. I was elected to be team captain of the Mighty Ionistsas!

We were to sign up to ride the bike and the contest lasted for a month! After each ride, we recorded our Average RPM, Average Power, Peak Power, Mileage, HR and Calories. Each week, we got updates to see where each team was at in the contest. After the first week, the Dream Team came out strong and we realized that this was a serious competition! People were riding every day for over an hour! How people could find the time or energy to do that I still don’t know. My legs were incredibly sore and I had to give myself at least a day off each week.


The contest heated up each week when we saw the results. The individual contest heated up as well and even our graphic design team were competing with each other to be the best. It was a fun way to get almost everyone in the office at least ride the bike once!


Today, the results were finally announced. Our graphics team came in first and second place, so their own competition with each other paid off! We had an employee be awarded for trying to switch teams 1 week before the contest was over (due to someone leaving), there was the donut award for the team that rode no hours and I was on the winning team! That’s right, my team, the Mighty Ionistas came back for the win! We won certificates, Mad Dogg Athletics dog tags and the bragging rights of the being the best!



The Mighty Ionistas with our awards!



Overall it was a fun experience for all involved and our whole office got lunch out of it! Have any of the places you work ever done any kind of internal competition?



Michaela Morales

Community Coordinator




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