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Taking the First Step

I was initially drawn to my first Spinning® class after I had read about the program in a cycling magazine.  The club I was a member at purchased their first batch of Spinner® bikes.  They were sitting outside of the aerobics room and I approached the manager and asked one question, “When is the first class scheduled?”  He looked at me like with amazement and said, “You’ve heard of the Spinning® program?” I played his game and said yes.

I was lucky; my first class was conducted by an instructor who was passionate about her role as an instructor.  Fortunately for me, she was also a Master Instructor with the Spinning® program so I knew I was getting the proper instruction.  That instructor was Danielle Foster. I’ll always remember how she approached me and it has shaped the way that I approach others whenever I coach a class.  She set me up properly on the bike and we began to chat about my experience with both indoor and outdoor cycling.  She then delivered a ride that reflected my own training rides.  I caught the bug.  Love at first ride. 

After a few months of taking Spinning® classes several times a week, I felt the need to take the next steps and become an instructor.  I wanted to give back to the program that gave me so much.  The Spinning® program changed the way I trained and shaped the type of rider I am today.  I wanted to share this passion with others and help them along their fitness journey.

Making the jump from student to instructor wasn’t all that easy.  I knew I could do it and was confident that I knew my stuff.  However, I was now leading the same members that rode next to me while I was a student.  Some accepted me as their instructor immediately while others were not so enthused and took some time to come around.  I found out quickly that it requires more than just a passion for the Spinning® program, but also a knowledge of exercise physiology, human psychology and many other disciplines that I would never thought I needed to know.  It became a passion of mine not only to conduct Spinning® classes, but to broaden my knowledge of all of the above mentioned topics.  I never stop learning and my students benefit from that knowledge gain.

Becoming a Spinning® instructor has been an incredibly rewarding experience.  Whenever someone tells me that I have changed their life because they started taking classes with me, I look them directly in the eye and say, “Thank you. You have also changed my life by allowing me to be a part of your personal journey.”  We as coaches inspire our students, but more often, our students inspire us.




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