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TEAM Sessions at ECA

I always look forward to the first Conference of the year and this years conference did not disappoint!  I'm always excited to see participants from past years, friends, the Mad Dogg Athletics Team, and fellow presenters.

But, this year's presenting had a new twist for me, Team Sessions!  We introduced these sessions last year with rave reviews but, my first experience was ECA this past weekend.  One word: Amazing! 

In "Tore Up From the Floor Up", students got a chance to try out equipment they otherwise wouldn't have tried, they learned from not just 1 but, 5 presenters, and they experienced the dynamic energy from a roomful of people! It was crazy fun and everyone went away buzzing with new ideas and energy.

The most eventful session of the weekend was our 2nd "Tore Up From The Floor Up" - same energy, same great feedback and fun from the participants - but, unfortunately Connie Borho broke her foot just before going on!  My teammates are amazing...Kathryn didn't skip a beat teaching, Zoey went for medical assistance, while I stayed with Connie. Then, Zoey stepped in for Connie without hesistation...and created a rock-solid power circle sample for everyone to enjoy!

To top off the day, Connie still had one more session so, I was honored to be her assistant and "body" for the session - what a treat! 

I am proud to be a part of this amazing Mad Dogg Athletics team - thank you Ben, JJ, Natalie, Zoey, Connie, Kathryn, and Abbey for an unforgettable event.




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