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The 35 minute warm up and 10 minute class

Just a quick pitch today - I've been pretty wordy lately, I know. In offering up the notion of endurance to a gym class (as opposed to my studio classes) I created a mixed profile. Essentially, the music invited quick pedaling and growing work demand across about 35 minutes. no surging, no jumping - smooth sailing all the way, except that we were slowly dropping our cadence and tacking on a little gear at a time. Then at 35 minutes the music switched to a little (a lot?) more of an energetic drive. Finally, they were able to get out of the saddle; climb, jump, run... Then we cooled down, stretched and went our separate ways. In doing this I felt I was able to introduce a little endurance taste, yet give them in the end what they're accustomed to. I wonder, among us, if you're all purists, or if you mix up your profiles like this? I find it really helpful especially as I meet a new crowd and establish my teaching style/technique and expectations with them. thoughts?



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