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Hi there Spinning® junks (to be)!

In the next 3 months I will share all of my Spinning® stories and perhaps some other interesting sports adventures.

I would love to start by explaining how my passion for the Spinning® program originated.  So you know who you are dealing with ;)

About 15 years ago, I had to teach my first indoor cycling class. I had taught aerobic classes before and to be honest, I did not really like to teach those classes. I got so insecure, had the feeling I couldn’t do it. But as soon as I got on the bike in front of a full class something magical happened. I just knew that this was it for me! The facility I was teaching at was owned by my mother and was actually one of the first Official Spinning® Facilities in the Netherlands.

However I hadn’t gone thru the Spinning® Instructor Orientation yet. Still.. my addiction was created.. and I didn’t know then that it was about to become worse!

After a very intense Spinning® weekend I got certified by Sarah Morelli. For those of you who know Sarah, no more words are needed. For those who don’t know her: she rocks! I still love to work with Sarah!

After getting certified I only wanted to know more and more about this interesting program. I wanted to make sure I could create interesting profiles, choosing the most appropriate music with these and provide my students with useful tips. Everywhere I was, my ears were focused on music and sounds. I easily went in a bar to ask if I could buy the music they were playing.

I still do actually J

But not only the physical part attracted me.. it was also the “mind” part that I wanted to know much more about. So I started to follow continuing educations, yoga classes, pilates education etc.  The power of the Spinning® program for me is “working with body and mind”!

Years passed by, jobs passed by, but one thing stayed: teaching Spinning® . And I know it will stay for as long as I am possible to do it, because the Spinning® program has become part of my life. It has a special place in my heart <3







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