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Use Your Training Smartly

Every Instructor in the world is teaching different amount of classes per week. Some of us are only Spinning® Trainers, some are fitness specialists or personal trainers. Apart from preparation before your classes, being well organized is very important.

First of all, choose one specific day in a week, when you have time and space to think about ride profiles. You should not be in a hurry, best ideas come when your mind and body are relaxed. Make a solid plan of training, choose applicable cadence, heart rate and music. You can also write down your training plan on a paper or save it on your phone.

I feel more comfortable when I have it with me in case I forget some details I can always check it. Now, as I teach in four different clubs , and have around 7 classes per week I don’t prepare 7 profiles each week. There is no need to do so. In every club there are different people, so I prepare 2-3 trainings and teach them during a week. It saves my time and  I remember my profiles better.

If someone misses any specific training I can tell him ‘please come on Wednesday as I will be teaching this class again in a different spot’. Besides after some time I can go back to the same scheme and use it again.

Making your job easier is one of the biggest challenges for every instructor. But it’s worth trying- it saves your time. Creating a good ride profile is time-consuming, so save your precious time and design a good ride.





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