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Winter Training

TrainerWinter training is often difficult for those that love to ride outside.  When the weather turns cold outside and the roads are icy, many cyclists spend time riding on rollers or a trainer strapped to their bike to put in the winter miles. I’ve spent countless hours on a trainer in my basement with either the stereo blaring or tuned into some television program.  Then I found “It.”  My “It” was the Spinning® program.  I found an opportunity to train indoors with others that took me out of the basement and let me associate with others as we all pursued our fitness and performance goals.  I caught the bug that changed the way I train.


Some outdoor cyclists view the Spinning program as a group exercise class.  We as coaches need to take it beyond that perception and offer an incredible training session that leaves the hard-core cyclist as well as the casual exerciser feeling satisfied that our class has met their training needs.  We as coaches need to know our participants and find out their needs and goals.


Once we know the goals of our participants, we can take our class profiles to the next level by tailoring the training sessions to each individual.  Offering alternative intensities and movements are an example of how you can offer a training session that meets the needs of the members attending your classes.  For example, you discovered that the serious cyclist wants to spend a significant amount of her training time at lower intensities.  Your profile can incorporate cues to fulfill that need.  Some of your students may be ready for higher intensity training.  Offer options for those students as well.  At the end of your class, everyone walks out with a program that fits their needs.


The art of coaching considers the needs of your participants and trains them accordingly.  Become a better coach by building alternative movements and intensities into your profiles.  You will be in demand as you reach the needs of multiple skill, experience and training demands of your students.




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