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WSSC Recap

It's been a crazy few weeks!  I taught the pre-con Peak Piates basic mat on Wednesday and Thursday, and from then on it was go, go, go.  I had some wonderful students in my course, and they showed such promise!  

The WSSC Conference itself was amazing!  The energy that is in each molecule of air is intense!  The Pilates sessions were very well attended, and we had some new and exciting barefoot workshops that had everyone raving.  My favorite workshop was my Postural Assessment Techniques which was attended by both Spinning instructors and Pilates teachers.  The caliber of teacher out there for both modalities is astounding, and I was so happy to see interested and thinking faces.

I was part of the Peak Pilates demo team this year.  With Zoey narrating, Kathryn, Kim, Carly and I "performed" on different pieces of equipment.  According to Zoey the audience was in awe of some of the exercises we did.  I love getting people to realize how hard and precise Pilates really is.  




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