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Yay--new gym going partners!

I am so excited for this summer because two my student advisees have come to realize the fun of group exercise and are going to be joining me in some of the classes. Margaret and Shawn are so much fun to have in class. When I have people I know in my group exercise classes, I find that I am much more engaged in teaching because it?s just more fun to be able to praise people by name, and to share in the fun and enthusiasm. In an Ivy League institution where students are not only juggling academics but internships, work study jobs, research and a myriad of extracurricular activities, exercise is often the one thing that gets laid to the wayside. And because I tend to advise many student leaders involved in extracurricular activities, I see very few of them in my group exercise classes since if they are not in their academic classes, odds are they are in some student/administrator meeting. Thus, it?s particularly fun when students I advise show up regularly in my fitness classes because it not only means a commitment to their physical health, but a realization that this is integral in one?s entire well-being. I think when you are young the idea of omnipotence remains in the back of one?s mind, and eating quickly (and unhealthily) is just a fact of everyday life. Mind you, I enjoy my cookies too?but I am very devoted to my workout regimen and am always pleased when I find students who also appreciate the value of fitness?be it for fun, stress relief, health benefits or whatever! So excited to see Margaret and Shawn regularly in classes! -June



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