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You work with people, not things

Just one more night and then I will teach a 2 day Spinning® Instructor Training. One thing I really like very much about this, is the fact that I get to know new people. The first thing we always do is a short introduction of myself and every participant. This is a very important part of the workshop, as we get to learn each others names. This may sound as a logical action for  you. But it isn’t that simple. In fact, if I would ask all participants right after the introduction part to list all the names of their colleagues, probably one or two names will come out. The rest has been forgotten already.

Do you know all the names of your regular class participants? And do you always introduce yourself to someone new  right before you start to teach a ride? I hear it a lot that instructors find it very hard to remember names. And this we should change, as we are working with people and not things.

Your participants will feel at ease when you call them by their names. They will feel accepted and welcome in your class.

Here are a few tips to help you.


First, when introducing yourself, always look someone in the eyes when you shake hands. After your student has said his/ her name, repeat his / her name.

For example: “Welcome Natasha, nice to have you in my ride today”.

Now you already have repeated the name once, so it will be more likely you remember.


During class make sure that you get off the bike and provide some personal feedback about technique or ask if she is doing well. Again repeat her name.


If you find it difficult to remember her name, look for something that she is wearing, the color of her water bottle, find something typical about her, so you can refer to it. Natasha with the pink water bottle.


After class, take some time to chat with your student and make sure you say her name once again.

I am convinced that you will now remember her name.


One thing that can help as well are name lists. Some clubs use these lists to check if all participants that registered for a class are really there. Do make sure that when you shout out the names, you lift your head to actually look at the student that says: “ yes, I am here” , after you said his name.


And in case you did forget Natasha’s name the next time she is in your class, first try to remember the reference you had chosen for her. And if that doesn’t work, just go ahead and be honest to her.


I always tell instructors to learn 3 new names every time they teach. Believe me, once you start practicing this, you will really get good at it! You will actually start to like it!


Tomorrow 14 new students, can’t wait to learn all their names!


Have a great weekend!






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