Help protect the Spinning® trademark

The Spinning logo and the Spin®, Spinning® and Spinner® are registered trademarks of Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc.

Mad Dogg Athletics takes trademark violators very seriously as we aim to protect our company from imitators and deceptive business practices.
The Spinning family of trademarks also protects you as a Spinning Instructor, Spinning Facility and as a respected individual in the Fitness Industry.
If you come across a trademark violator please contact Carlene Meyer at We appreciate your support!

Questions you may have: 

What is SPINNING® and What is a SPINNER®?

The word “Spinning” was coined by Mad Dogg Athletics, and is an arbitrary word we created for our stationary bicycle exercise program. We also coined the name JOHNNY G SPINNER and SPINNER for our stationary exercise bicycle.

The SPINNING program is a comprehensive indoor cycling program that includes general exercises, different exercise sets directed at various goals, features that take advantage of the patented SPINNER stationary bicycle, heart rate training, and motivational materials. Most importantly, “Spinning” is the brand name of our particular program and should not be used to refer to any stationary bicycle activity or program other than Mad Dogg Athletic, Inc.’s program or bicycle.

Who may use the SPINNING Trademark and Logo? 

Authorized Dealers and anyone licensed by Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. has the right to promote and use the SPINNING trademarks so long as such advertising follows the method of use outlined in this guide.   

Other questions? Please feel free to contact Carlene at

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