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Spinning® Experience 2015 - HEROES

As we all hear the word "hero" used from time to time, have you ever asked yourself the question, "What is a hero?" Is a hero someone we simply admire, respect or look up to? Or is a hero some kind of "superhero" with "super powers?" Does it take a lot of money and fame to be a hero? And what's involved in being a hero?

These are all really good questions. You may have asked yourself these same questions. In this years Spinning® Experience 2015, we will be exploring true heroes and heroism. So don’t wait any longer and register now for this great new challenging, exhilarating and fun experience.

"True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost." - Arhur Ashe

Saturday October 24, 2015: Conference Program (9 AM - 5 PM)

For the Spinning® Experience Workshops you will have two options (workshop or lecture) per time slot. Make sure that in total you have selected 4 sessions out of 8 before you proceed to checkout.

Saturday October 24, 2015: MI Team Ride (6 PM - 7 PM)

After the Conference program there will be a special Dutch MI Team Ride. Unique this year is that you have the option to be part of this ride. The Dutch MI Team Ride will be performed by Spinning® Master Instructors Hans Hobbel, Frank Smulders, Chantal Janssen and Andre Struik. The Dutch MI Team Ride will only be available for those who have registered for the conference program first. If you have not registered for the conference program you cannot take part of the MI Team Ride.

Saturday Conference Program pricing:

Five Day Early Bird Price

Regular: € 199,95 per instructor
SPIN member: € 169,96 per instructor
July - August 2015

Regular: € 225, - per instructor
SPIN member: € 191,25 per instructor
September - October 2015

Regular: € 240, - per instructor
SPIN member: € 204,- per instructor

The pricing includes:

  • •    Lunch
  • •    Hand-outs / Manual
  • •    Certificate
  • •    SPIN® CECs

Saturday Conference Program pricing:

The special 1 hour MI Team Ride costs € 19,95

NOTE: You need to register for the Saturday Conference program first before you can register for the MI Team Ride. If you have not registered for the conference you can not take part of the MI Team Ride.

Sunday October 25, 2015: SPIN®-A-Thon (12 AM – 6 PM)

We have invited 4 International Spinning® Master Instructors who will present a 80 minutes ride for you. The program and line up of the Sunday SPIN®-A-Thon will be:

12.00 – 13.20: Gina Grant (Kuwait) - Endurance // Aerobic Interval

13.30 – 14.50: Andre Struik (The Netherlands) - Interval

15.00 – 16.20: Polona Gosar Rankovic (Slovenia) - Strength

16.30 – 18.00: Maciej Pordab (Poland) - Race Day

Sunday Spinning® marathon pricing:

Five Day Early Bird Price

  • •    Solo (1 participant, 1 bike): € 70
  • •    Duo (2 participants, 1 bike): € 110

Normal Price

  • •    Solo (1 participant, 1 bike): € 80
  • •    Duo (2 participants, 1 bike): € 120

NOTE: A 10% discount applies for group registrations of 10 persons or more! Please use the coupon code SPEX15GROUP at checkout to get this discount.

The price includes:

  • •    Snacks / sport drink during the marathon
  • •    Top Spinning® presenters
  • •    ...and Fantastic entertainment

N.B. Make sure to read the instructions you’ll see at the registration page before you register for Spinning® Experience 2015.

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