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Caloric Needs for Fat Loss

There's a reason that people gain weight. Too many calories. Aside from a very small percentage whose reason is medical, many people just don't realize how much energy they need to feed their bodies.

Diets have only a 5% success rate, which means the
person reached their goal and maintained it for at least 2-years. So more and more when people ask me about how to lose weight and what diet should they follow, I tell them don't diet, just change your lifestyle. Easy to say - not so easy to do.

While I advocate making it as simple as possible, I also
think it's important to bring some awareness into the thought process. People need to be aware of how many calories they need, how many they are taking in and just how many calories are in that low-fat, mochocino with a dash of hazelnut.

How much energy do we need?

The total amount of energy required for physiological actions is called Metabolism. There are five categories:

1. BMR – basal metabolic rate: Energy required to maintain the body's vital functions when awake.

2. RMR – resting metabolic rate: Energy required to maintain the body's vital functions when asleep.

3. TEF – thermic effect of feeding: Metabolic response
to digestion and uptake of nutrients.

4. EXERCISE ACTIVITY – structured exercise sessions: Workouts / training sessions.

5.NEAT – non-exercise activity thermogenesis: All other activity other than workouts / training sessions.

To calculate how many calories you need daily for fat loss, you need to be honest and really look at your activity level. Then simply you take your body weight in pounds and multiply it by a given number. Start with the higher number and then bring it down as you see how your body responds. If you start with the lowest number first and reduce your calories too much, too soon, you run the risk of burn out, fatigue and possible muscle loss.

Activity Level                            Calculation

Sedentary:workout 1-2/week       Body wt (lbs) x 10-12

Active: workout 3-4/week            Body wt (lbs) x 12-14

Very Active: workout 5-7/week    Body wt (lbs) x 14-16

Example: A 180lb person who works out three times per week, caloric values would be between 2,160 (180 x 12) and 2,520 (180 x 14).

As fat loss is achieved and  body weight changes, you will need to recalculate.

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