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Climbing a Hill

"Alright, let's add some resistance until you feel your front wheel ascending up your first hill of the night," states your Spinning® teacher as you abide by his/her request.  Upon that initial ascend you feel your legs and hips fully engaged as your heart beats faster and the sweat droplets begin to increase.  You realize in that moment, that it is time to really work.

In Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools, tool # 53, Climb a Steep Hill Every Week, gives the reader the visual of turning a proverbial climb into a physical climb.  In other words, the power, the strength and the work that ultimately goes into climbing a hill always yileds with the accomplishment of reaching the top. In life, we encounter metaphoric hills in our minds, yet we feel powerless to push through these hills to the top.  The question is why?  What are we missing?  What do we need?  Once we can identify the answers to these questions, we can continue pushing up those hills until we get to the top, as we do in Spinning® class.  

Life has many hills and mountains in it.  Life isn't a valley of flowers with sunshine every day.  However, it's how we approach our hills and mountains that molds the types of lives we live.  So, if you feel like you possess an athletic mind, then life's hills is just another challenge.  If you do not live in the mindset of an athlete, then listen up.  Life tests us.  Life is uncomfortable.  Next time you go to Spinning® class, think about all the emotions and feelings you are undergoing and ask yourself why you're still pushing.  Why are your pedals still moving and your mind still engaged in what the teacher is saying?  Why?  And how?  

Take this level of consciousness and apply it to other areas of your life that may appear to be pushing back at you, just like that lovely hill did to you in Spinning® class.  Instead of contemplating and perhaps turning around and going down the hill back to comfort, take on the challenge, push to the top and allow yourself the surprise of what lives on the other side of that hill.  Sometimes, it's exactly what you've always dreamed for.  Sometimes, it's simply just a stronger sense of self!  Either way, good luck with a different mindset!

Jenn Zerling, MS, CPT

"JZ" is the owner of www.JZFitness.com

Author of Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools




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