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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

There are very intelligent people who still have problems getting their life in order and seem like the intelligent that they posses do not help them. In past few years more and more talk is also about emotional intelligent – witch influences our lives. What is emotional intelligence?

“Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself, of others, and of groups” People with higher EI are more successful because they understand their emotions and why they behave as they do, and what body and mind is telling them. And they are able to better understand other.

The researches show that those with higher EI can be more successful at their work, business and ordinary life.

As a Spinning instructor you are faced and exposed with individuals and their behavior. Not only members but many times from colleagues or managers or  bosses, owners, investors, partners...
Often I see instructor taking things to personal. Instead of looking it from distance they get angry, hurt, disappointed, frustrating, happy, excited … so there is a question have members influence us and our teaching. They do or not? So our EI and level of it is important also in Spinning® classes.

Emotions serve for biological purpose. They tell us about our needs. Emotions are responding of our body and needs. These needs can be mental, social or physical. Those with higher EI have more balance in feelings like: motivation, friendship, and focus, peace of mind, desire, awareness, self- control, freedom, connection, fulfillment, fear, loneliness, guilt, emptiness, frustration, instability, disappointment, anger, and failure … So as we see it is important to learn have develop higher EI.  IQ alone cannot predict have a person will be successful.  Most of us work in teams. Team work is important for performance in facility.

I also work in team. And I work with teams.  The success of Spinning® program is never a responsibility only of instructor. But it is always a “TEAM WORK” team work of every person in a club. Many times I hear answers:

-          I cannot work with this instructor

-          My boos does not listen to me

-          Teams fight with each other; there is a team of personal trainers fighting with the team of Spinning instructor what is better

-          The receptions are angry on instructors as they think they are divas

-          And so on

At the end when we look from outside “the success depends of every single person working in a club” And the higher EI is easier the team will work together. Fitness is hospitality business where energy is important and delivering positive is unavoidably if you want your member coming back.

What does it mean t work with coleus with higher EI;

-          Everyone ideas and thought are respected

-          Gossip and negative talking stops

-          Everyone encourage and celebrates each other success

-          Integrity is valued

-          Decisions are value based

-          Your potential is constantly developed

But to be able to be part of slouch team – we need to be aware of our emotions, have we respond and have they influence on us.

The next step is to work on felling and emotions. That is probably the hardest think. As you need to work on yourself. To work on self confident, self control, team work, empathy, adaptability, organizational awareness, adaptability, collaboration, communication …

We often feel more than only one emotion at time, and each with each emotion we can learn more about you. Have we respond to information’s, have we behave in team, on bike, in front of group, have we communicate and what our body language says it is not only about other it is about us – our emotions and have we respond on them. It is the EI that can help us be more successful in doing our job better and happier.


“What really matters for success, character, happiness and life long achievements is a definite set of emotional skills - your EQ - not just purely cognitive abilities that are measured by conventional IQ tests." Daniel Goleman, 





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