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Feedback “Criticism”

Giving feedback or “criticism” is important to our members, but often also hard to give. As most people take it really hard and we know that and it makes us nervous to give it.  Some do it really carful, so that the message waters down, some make it too hard, and the others avoid it.

So is there any right way of giving feedback?

We need to do it hard on issue and soft on person. So that people take it serious and not get offended.

A few tips have to deliver criticism in your classroom and improve member’s performance.

-          Always start with praise, something specific that this person has done, or he looks (use words : impressed , pleased, full of admiration,…) than a little pause and give feedback

-          Be generous with praise, if you do it right than feedback will be taken positive

-          Make praise and feedback specific and simple

-          Give it on time; do not wait too long but address it when you notice that the person needs feedback.

-          Make it regular. Feedback needs to be done regular so that members get used to it and appreciate it.

-          Focus on performance not personality of member. You maybe do not like member, but he needs your feedback, so focus on performance , technique, position on bike not personality

-          Criticize private. Use “off bike teaching” and give feedback private. Do not walk strait towards person. Make it safe enjoinment for a person.

-          Feedback needs to be neutral not judgmental

-          Avoid : You must, you should, You cannot, Need to

-          Use feedback to inform.” What would it happened if you relax shoulders?”

-          Use “I “statement. So that you make feedback, from your perspective.

-          Limit your focus. 1 – 2 issues in one time. Do not put too much information’s in one feedback.

-          Provide specific suggestions , have and with what a member can improve

-          Follow up. The whole purpose of feedback is to improve. So you need to see, recognize improvement.

-          Avoid speaking loud and in microphone. If you use microphone in class, turn it off when you address criticism.

Use this tips to become better Spinning® instructor and help members to perform better. Do not be afraid. The rules are simple and they will help you address issues regards techniques, position on bike, performance and intensity.



“Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things” W.Churchill






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