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Give A Little

BIkes for Boobs. That's what I am doing on Feb. 19th at my gym. We are going to do a 100 minute ride for a great charity that helps fund mammogram screenings for women who can't afford it. I haven't posted it officially yet but after just chatting about it, it is almost sold out! We are going to get about half the people who aren't regular SPINNING folks. Translation = more people into our SPINNING program. If you run a facility, you are looking at ways to get more members, bring in more revenue, help your marketing platform and set yourself apart, right? You probably have done colorful flyers, sent emails, made calls, did other promo campaigns that have shown some success - but also some dogs too, huh? Well, think about serving instead of selling! Give back. You will get the same result many times. We are giving 100% of the dollars raised to this charity (Mammograms In Action). For full disclosure, I do serve on the Board of Directors but it is a cool charity that works very hard. It falls in line with our active market here in SoCal. I am leveraging media, social media and other channels to raise awareness.But it also gives our gym some PR pop. Just one or two charitable gigs a year will help you, help others in need and tell your customers that you want to give back. That is all good! There is nothing wrong with promoting your facility or giving out free prizes (raffle for free classes, etc). People expect that you promo your facility too. Get a few instructors to team teach and get them some exposure. Have team relays and encourage people just to donate and not ride. Celebrate after and then send out a post-event wrap-up! More ways to connect. There are many charities that want to help you too! They will promote you on their site. It is ideal reciprocity. Ride on people.



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