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Heart rate monitors

 Since I started my adventure with endurance activities and I got my first heart rate monitor my training has changed forever. First heart rate monitor I bought while living in UK. It was one of the cheapest monitors from one of the chain stores. It had very basic functions, and one of the most useful at the time was a backlight. As you are exercising in a dark studios it's important to be able to see how fast your heart is beating.

After some time I bought the new model , and this time it was Polar RS400. One of the biggest advantages comparing to the previous one was coded data transmition and summary after each workout. From that time I could change the activity from cycling to running as I bought Running sensor. Another interesting feature was internal storage of workouts so I could always go back to the past trainings. Also I started using the website to transfer all the data to the 'virtual diary' and check my progress on a various graphs. This platform works also as a motivational tool, you can check all you did but also your work load. You can compare your trainings and plan the future ones. The design is bright and colorful and easy to work with.

As I started road cycling i bought my third heart rate monitor. This time I chosen Polar RCX5.This one fully satisfies my needs at the moment. Apart from heart rate monitor with all it's functions I have a speed and cadence sensor for my bike. That gives me a perfect image of my possibilities and helps to change the way I train in order to get better results. Heart rate sensor is also suitable for swimming as this particular model was created for triathlonists.

Data transfer to the website is quicker. I can definitely say that since I'm working with my third heart rate monitor I'm having more fun both with Spinning® , running and cycling trainings. In the end when it comes to the conscious training - control, fun, motivation and progression are key elements of a success. And well chosen heart rate monitor is helping a lot. 





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