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Proactive Instructor - part of success

As a Instructors we all like to teach when the class is full ( as long as we have a reasonable number of bikes in the club ). Personally I feel most comfortable to teach maximum 20 people but some of my friends have classes with over 40 bikes available! Let’s stay with my number.

If more people are coming managers more satisfied are as it „pays off’. It all sounds very clear but when you start your job as a Spinning® Instructor working with a big number of participants ain’t that easy. Teaching off the bike is crucial, because you won't the see whole posture from a distance and you don't  have much control on people's safety. Walk around the room, take your time, search for signs that can alert you.

 First of all create a good, positive atmosphere in your class. People are here to have fun, to get rid of stress and get results from work. Remember your students names, it will help you to connect with them and they won't feel anonymous ! It is like exercising in friendly but known group. Let them feel they are in the center of your attention.

Try to come earlier before your classes, talk with clients for a while. Same when you are finishing your ride, if possible have a chat. Ask them questions : Why are you training? What is your goal? Do you do any other sports? How is your health? etc. Those questions will help you to get a certain image of a person who joins your classes. Later on you can suggest new resolutions, check someone’s progression or help with common problems,that people around the world are dealing with.

 From my point of view one of the most important thing to remember is to “create a group” of people who are exercising to become fit and let them identify with it. For example if I teach Tuesday and Thursday in the same club, I always talk to people about their goals and what is the plan of work if they come to my classes. I also inform them what are we going to do in the next weeks or even months. I love Spinning® because you can give so many options depending on a people who are riding same hour!

 When Spinning® is new in the club as a form of activity I often go to people in a gym or in a cardio area and have a short chat. First I ask if they have ever been to such a class, then I invite them to try it with me, so later they will go on their own. And you know what? It is working!

Although Spinning® is very popular, not everybody knows exactly what it is.. so let’s show it and explain it to the new customers.




































































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