Petition Points

In addition to Spinning® continuing education courses and workshops, you can petition up to 6 SPIN® CECs (Spinning continuing education credits) on courses not previously approved by Mad Dogg Athletics®. Acceptable examples include a course in exercise science, biomechanics or heart rate training. These credits count towards the 14 points you need to earn every two years to keep your Spinning Instructor Certification current.

Petition courses online or download a SPIN® CECs Petition Form and follow the instructions for submission.

What you need to know:

•  The course must relate to your role as a Certified Spinning Instructor.
•  Other Indoor Cycling Certifications outside of Spinning will not be accepted for SPIN CEC’s
•  A qualified educator, health or fitness professional must teach the course.
•  Please petition each conference session separately.
•  No refunds for unapproved courses.
•  Petitioned courses must occur within your renewal period; courses before or after your renewal period are not accepted.
•  We notify you within 2-3 weeks about the status of your petition and how many points are awarded for the course.

Petition Points for CPR/AED and First Aid

Be prepared for an emergency and earn 0.5 CECs/SPIN® CECs for CPR/AED and 0.5 CECs/SPIN® CECs for First Aid. You’ll save money too! We waive the petition fee for CPR/AED and First Aid courses.

Note that your CPR/AED and/or First Aid certification(s) must be current and earned within your two-year certification period. Proof of certification is required.

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