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Always Moving Forward


There are not many things we do in life where going backwards is considered positive. We run, ride and swim forward.  We walk forward. We drive forward.  And unless you are a particularly different species to the rest of the human race, we progress through the hourglass of life moving in a forward direction.


At times though each of has experienced a period in our lives when it felt as though we had ceased moving at all.






Whether this was a result of fear, apathy or simply a case of being stuck in a rut of sameness, it is not a very pleasant place to reside.  An even worse sensation than being stuck in ‘same-same-land’ is the sense that we have regressed.  That somehow through our inability to make change, ignite our passions or refrain from persisting with unproductive behaviour we start travelling in reverse.




Unlike being stagnant which may leave you feeling blah moving backwards can create feelings of anxiety, fear and hopelessness.  The idea that we would be required to re-boot ourselves back into a forward motion just seems far to arduous.  We then have the possibility of remaining stagnant in a regressed state.


Oh - Double - NOOOO!!!


Late December tends to be the time of year when we consider where in the cycle of life we have spent our time: moving forward, stagnant or in regression.


It would seem that as we move toward the end of another year it is considered the appropriate time for the human race to consider if they have made any progress.  Reflecting over the months that have past is a global tradition; to rid ourselves of bad habits and behaviours and wipe the slate clean for the next year to come. New Years Resolutions  (NYR) I suppose have come about because society believes that the end of a calendar year and the beginning of a new one is the best time to move forward from anything we would like to leave in the past.


This is good I suppose. Or is it?


Unfortunately the reality of the NYR is that the enthusiasm to overhaul ones life does not seem to last much longer than the festive season. Even those who have the best intentions in December to transform their life, by mid to late January we are struggling to maintain the upkeep of the very long lists of ‘MUSTS’. Then by early February we have thrown in the towel and found it all too hard.


Many of us in the fitness industry – whether Spinning® instructors or personal trainers, work in an environment where we advocate improved life habits.  Small but positive changes that we can make each day rather than waiting to do a complete life renovation. Hopefully this is encouraged not only on a monthly basis but I would think weekly or even daily to our clients and students.



So rather than New Years Resolutions perhaps a better title would be New Day Resolutions. Or my personal favourite is: New Day Intentions. This basically means that you are able to assess and reflect on your progress each day and not wait an entire year to realise you have done very little forward movement.


If we are awake, aware and observant of our daily progress then I believe regression and stagnation for too long is impossible. To decide to be a forward mover takes energy, courage and dedication to yourself and living accountably. It means not being lazy or taking life for granted. It means to wake up with the absolute best intentions for your day, have a clear directed focus and at the end of the day assess how you went and then readjust for the following.


A few other things to note about the wonderful philosophy of New Day Intentions are as follows:



  • You most definitely do not have to wait until January 2013 to make positive changes to your life.
  • You also most definitely then do not need to wait till January 2014 in case you fall off the wagon of transformation.
  • You do not need to wait until Monday to eat better or start exercising.
  • Yes I know it sounds crazy but we can start moving forward today. 
  • Do not hesitate. 
  • Do not wait.



Even the smallest of steps, the tiniest of change, and the littlest improvements will ensure that in twelve months time when you look back you will be proud of how far you have travelled. The best part of this process is that with daily intentions and a focus on not getting stuck is that it never feels particularly difficult because you chip away at it a bit at a time.


Just like one pedal stroke at a time on the steepest of hills. If you look to the top it may seem impossible. But if you take it one courageous and peaceful stroke at a time with conviction and belief that you have the power and strength to get to the top – you will get there.


Even if it feels slow – be proud that you are committed to always moving forward.


Now get busy and start writing out your NEW DAY INTENTIONS! 

Bring on 2013 for more of fabulousness and fun. :)  








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