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An idea of a ride

Next Friday I will be teaching a Special Spinning®  ride in one of my hometown clubs. The ride is special as I create a unique atmosphere prior the event and this year it's a third edition of that ride.

The idea is very simple, for an additional fee members can join two hours of cycling that is divided into two parts- first is gentle and the second hour is more intensive. The name of the ride is "Water and fire ride" and it's strength is simplicity. While the 'water part' we perform a long warm up, and for most of the time we stay on the flat road, music is gentle and easy to listen and ride to.

Second hour is opposite, we start with a higher level of energy in the beginning.Next we go on a various terrain , the flats are fast and hills you can definitely feel in your quads and hamstrings.


This year owner of the studio where I'm teaching has bought a projector and the big screen so I can add to the ride some visual images.  The ride is absolutely ( like every Spinning® class ) for students at all levels. Remember it is all about fun and performing a 120 minutes of cardiovascular work. We promote it on different levels, after the class , via my Facebook page , via club Facebook page and through the posters around the facility.

I encourage all You instructors out there to be creative and follow your ideas even if they are simple. As I mentioned above: simplicity is the key!

For all interested , below is a list of the  tracks I used during the 'Water- Fire' ride in the last year.


My favorites for the ride:

1.     David Bradstreet Water Voices

2.     Ryuichi Sakamoto Onlu Love Can Conquer Hate

3.     Basement Jaxx Rendez-Vu

4.     Michael Jackson Rock With You

5.     Aerosmith Love in the elevator

6.     Sacred Spirit Yeha-Noha

7.     Deep Forrest Madazulu

8.     Umalali  Merua

9.     Nalin & Kane Talkin About

10.   Kevin Kern Sundial Dreams

11.  AC/DC Let me put my love into You










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