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Creating the Champion Jersey

This year for our kickoff ride at the World Spinning® and Sports Conference, we wanted to do something different. We wanted to give someone the opportunity to design the Jersey that would be used at Josh Taylor's Champion Ride. The contest was open to our Facebook users and all they had to do was submit a design. The concept was: Champion, the iconic symbol of a thoroughbred race horse captures the power, speed, endurance, loyalty and desire it takes to win and become a true champion!


Josh Taylor hand picked Jennifer Lee's design! Here's what she had to say about winning this contest and getting work with Josh!


"When I submitted designs for the Champion Jersey design contest I never expected to win. I remember checking my email and seeing a message from Mad Dogg Athletics with the subject: 'Champion' and thinking it was a 'thank you we received your design' message. Much to my suprise, the email read:


'Congrats! Josh has chosen your Jersey to use for WSSC! He would actually like to work with you and make just a few changes.'

When Michaela mentioned that I would be working with Josh I got instantly nervous as I'd never met Josh and the only time I'd seen him was on stage in front of 300 people... pretty intimidating. Michaela gave me his number and we played phone tag a few times before I heard a voice on the other end, in my head I could hear 'Omg, that's Josh Taylor'... instantly he made me feel comfortable with his boyish giggles and laid back dialogue. We tossed a few ideas back and forth and I went back to work, sent him a few designs and he was happy.


It was very exciting to see the jersey that Josh and I designed on everyone in the Champion ride."


-Jennifer Lee, MOVE FITNESS


There were almost 300 people wearing Jennifer's design at the Champion Ride. Who knows, you might get to work with Josh next year on the design!




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